GE / OEC 9800 C-Arm X-Ray System

Inventory Name GE / OEC 9800 C-Arm X-Ray System
Category C-Arm
Equipment Type: C-Arm
Manufacturer: GE / OEC
Year of Manufacture: Various
Model#: 9800
Size of Image Intensifier: 9" and 12" Options
Item Condition: Reconditioned & Tested / As-Is
Additional Information

GE / OEC 9800 C-Arm X-Ray System


Built on a solid foundation of leadership and experience, thousands of OEC 9800 Plus systems are installed worldwide.

When you need a familiar, hard-working system to meet your clinical needs, trust the OEC 9800 to deliver with classic power and performance.

From the ER, OR or pain management clinic, you can leverage the versatility of OEC 9800 to perform diagnostic or interventional applications with confidence.


Specifications & Features



Video Imaging System


9 in Image Intensifier

Tri-mode 9 in/6 in/4.5 in (23 cm/15 cm/11 cm)

  image intensifier

Minimum central resolution (at the monitor):

-9 in (23 cm): 2.1 lp/mm

-6 in (15 cm): 2.9 lp/mm

-4.5 in (11 cm): 3.4 lp/mm

DQE: 65% (typical)


12 in Image Intensifier

Tri-mode 12 in/9 in/6 in (31cm/23 cm/15 cm)

   image intensifier

Minimum central resolution (at monitor):

-12 in (31 cm): 1.5 lp/mm

-9 in (23 cm): 2.1 lp/mm

-6 in (15 cm): 2.6 lp/mm

DQE: 65% (typical)


Video Camera

High resolution 1k x 1k CCD camera

Full frame capture

Motorized rotation

On-screen orientation indicator (real-time

  feedback without fluoro)

Left-right image reversal

Top-bottom image invert


Video Monitor

Dual 16 in (41cm) square monitors

Anti-glare, progressive full frame scan monitor

Touch screen system control

1,000 line high resolution monitors

Ambient room-light compensation


Image Processing


GSP Platform

1k x 1k x 16 bit image processing

Noise filter with on-screen indicator

MANRS (real-time motion artifact and

  noise reduction system)

Real-time variable edge enhancement

Automatic digital brightness and contrast control

Manual digital brightness and contrast control

Negate mode

Save and auto-save feature

Swap and auto-swap feature

Patient information

-Customized patient information menu

-DICOM work list schedule (optional)

Multi-purpose image directory

-Retrieve and review images

-Compose hardcopy films

-Copy images

X-ray dose summary

Customize functions

-Workstation set-up

-Mainframe set-up

-Patient information set-up

-Date/time set-up

-DICOM 3.0 interface set-up (optional)

Last image hold

63 image storage

Removable PC diskette image transfer

and archive

-512 x 512 or 1k x 1k

-BMP or OEC format


ESP (Expanded Surgical Platform)

Includes all the GSP features and:

400 image storage

Zoom and roam function

Image annotation

Measurement software


ESP with 15 fps Digital Disk

Includes all the 8 fps ESP features and:

1 5 fps Dynamic digital disk

-Recording/playback rate: 1, 2, 4, 8, 15 fps

-Automatic image playback capability

-Frame-by-frame review

-Recording time: 10 minutes at15 fps



Includes all the Basic Vascular features and:

Digital cine pulse mode

-15 pulses/sec

-Up to 150 mA

-10 ms pulse width

1 5 fps Dynamic digital disk

-Recording/playback rate: 1, 2, 4, 8,15 fps

-Recording time: 10 minutes at 15 fps

(time depends on record frame rate)

Auxiliary X-ray tube cooling

X-Ray Tube

Rotating anode

Focal spots: 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm

Anode heat capacity: 300,000 HU

Housing heat capacity: 1,600,000 HU


X-Ray System Generator

60 KHz high frequency

15 kW power

Up to 120 kVp

Up to 75 mA for radiographic film exposure

Continuous high level fluoro (HLF) up to 20 mA

Digital spot up to 75 mA

Digital cine pulse

-15 or 30 pulses per second

-Up to 150 mA

-10 ms pulse width

Full power from standard wall outlet

Patented battery buffered design

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